Sunday, February 05, 2006


We had a housewarming party last night, and the house got pretty warm.

Here was a flyer I made

I think it helped convince people that this wasn't going to be just any regular party. And for the first hour, when there were four people here, including me and david, it definitely wasn't any regular party. But then it got even more irregular; at one point it seemed that almost everyone we've met in Hong Kong was together, drinking and listening and talking about the Chinese language, Shakespeare in China, the Chinese economy, Chinese pop music, and Berlin. Afterwards, all of the young editorial people at Time ended up swaying and gyrating at a bar and then at a fancy club's dance floor, where a vicious fight, presumably between two investment bankers, broke out. On stage, a model swayed like a hanging corpse.

I tot up there to join her but was promptly yanked off by a man in a suit with a wire hanging from his ear.

Sometimes college, even "college," seems so close and so far.

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